New Product Update: Meeting Rooms for Libraries

Announcing a new service from WhoFi, Meeting Rooms serves library and community spaces by simplifying program planning and room scheduling reservations for patrons and staff. In an era of remote work and evolving community needs, libraries continue to play a crucial role by offering co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and programs that bring communities together. While libraries adapt to these changing demands, they also encounter new challenges in fulfilling these needs effectively.

Meeting New Challenges

Meeting Rooms from WhoFi helps librarians simplify these processes, offering a solution to growing library space management challenges. This intuitive service empowers patrons by providing a user-friendly platform on the library’s website, allowing them to easily view available spaces, amenities, and reservation options. Say goodbye to paper forms, as patrons can conveniently reserve spaces online, reducing administrative hassles.

Calendars Unite

What sets Meeting Rooms apart is its seamless integration with WhoFi’s Community Calendar service. Libraries no longer need to manage separate calendars for programming and patron spaces. When scheduling a library event that requires a specific room, the system automatically blocks off that space’s availability on the library’s website. This integration ensures that double bookings never happen and that the library’s room scheduling is well-coordinated and accessible to all.

Empower Patrons & StaffLibrary Room Scheduling Easily

Utilizing Meeting Rooms from WhoFi, libraries can overcome these new challenges benefiting both patrons and staff. Patrons gain easy access to available resources, while staff members can allocate their time more efficiently, enabling them to engage more with patrons. Additionally, Meeting Rooms provides great reporting features that can aid in state surveys and advocacy. 

If you’re ready to simplify room reservations for your library and enhance the overall patron experience, we want to hear from you! You can schedule a demo below or visit to learn more. Existing partners can also check out the Meeting Rooms Tutorial Video on our YouTube Channel and below: