Using WiFi Analytics To Improve Patron Experiences

The best way to improve your space for your patrons is to analyze the actions of those who frequent your space. Actions speak louder than words, and in the case of creating a thriving public venue, this is absolutely true. People will let you know if you’re meeting their needs by showing up, or not. Make sure your space is answering the call. Use WiFi analytics to understand what your patrons want so you can improve their experience and your space. 

WiFi analytics is an easy-to-use technology that works for any type of space large or small, public or private. If you want to know more about the people coming to your space, WiFi analytics provides the answers you seek while being non-intrusive and respecting privacy. After a simple software download, your system will be ready to gather a wealth of information you can use to determine the best path forward. 

Easy Data Reporting.

Our Library Edition allows you to see large scale trends while maintaining the privacy of each individual by using a one-way encryption method. Each time the visitor accesses your WiFi the reports will show their frequency of use, dwell time and patterns, but not the individual identity of the user. Being able to see big-picture trends while maintaining patron privacy has been a game-changer for libraries. 

One of the reports available as a WhoFi user is called Average Usage, which was designed to provide public libraries a quick view of the most popular times patrons are connecting to their locations’ WiFi. This kind of report helps each location plan staffing, program types and timing, ideal network maintenance and more. Being able to see how many people access WiFi, at what times and for how long allows each space to ensure there’s enough bandwidth to accommodate that need. The reports give accurate insight into the use of public WiFi and help boards make data-driven decisions to invest in better WiFi or extended programming. 

Interpreting Data, Making Change.

Are you noticing that some users access WiFi with a laptop and stay logged in for 3-5 hours at a time? This could indicate that they’re using the space as a place to work. Remote work is becoming more common and people like to get out of the house and into coffee shops, libraries or other public spaces to change the scenery, spur creativity, or just connect with other like-minded individuals. Seeing this trend on your WiFi analytics dashboard could help you develop services, equipment, or programs geared toward this group. Offering freelancing programs or seminars with business speakers, presentation equipment rental, or more private conference rooms can help make your library a great place to work remotely. 

If you’re a multi-location business or library, using the Trend Summary report can help you compare locations to get a birds-eye view of the trends affecting your space. Gain insights into peak days and hours, new vs. return visitors, visitor dwell time and even popular areas inside larger spaces. This gives you the confidence to make decisions about how your space is used, could or should be used, appropriate staffing needs, marketing improvements, and resource planning. 

Your patrons will notice that you’re attuned to their needs and they’ll show you their gratitude by continuing to visit. Small changes like improved staff during peak hours can mean prompt service, questions answered sooner, program materials restocked or spaces kept tidy. These details all contribute to the overall experience that your patrons want. 

With WiFi analytics, it’s possible to listen to, understand and see more about the people who visit your location without constantly hammering them for personal information and data. 

When you know more about the people visiting your space and how they interact with you, you can better serve them. Then, when you meet their needs, word of mouth will spread that your space is good and you will continue to grow. 

Want to know more about how WiFi analytics can benefit your location? Schedule a demo and we’ll show you!