WiFi analytics relieves the burden of data tracking for public libraries

Public libraries provide a safe space for communities to come together. They serve communities in urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods. They provide cultural and economic value. And now, many libraries are becoming community hubs. Libraries and public spaces can use WiFi analytics to help tell their story, reinforce their value, and better serve their community.

Using WiFi analytics is the best way to harness technology to build strong communities, and it’s easier to do than you may think. 

There is no barrier to entry.

From your initial demo all the way through your partnership with us, your WhoFi team will guide you every step of the way. Starting a new program or integrating new technology may feel like a barrier toward reaching your goals. 

We know that getting over this barrier is a deterrent, which is why we removed the barrier completely.

The WhoFi software works with the technology you already have which makes it easy to integrate into your current public library WiFi system. What’s even better is that it can be installed by just about anyone-no IT background required. 

You can start now. 

Learn more

If you’re curious to learn more about how our WiFi analytics software works and get answers to your questions, the first step is to schedule a demo. You’ll get an in-depth look at what WiFi analytics can do for your space.

Get connected

Once you decide to partner with us, your customer advocate will reach out to schedule a meeting to get acquainted and review the next steps with you. Our set up process is refreshingly simple, and your customer advocate will lead you through each step. 

How does set up work? 

Since you can use our WiFi analytics service with the hardware you already have, the set-up process is simple. We’ll discuss this easy process with you on a set-up call and send written instructions for easy reference.  If you need extra help we’ll be here to troubleshoot with you.

All setup and ready to go

When you activate your account the software will collect data and store it in your user account. Your customer advocate will familiarize you with the dashboard and provide login details. You can access your account and view your dashboard at any time, which makes it easy to grab data when you need it, without waiting for reports to be sent to you.  

Sit back, relax and gather insights (while respecting user privacy, of course)

Our customers really appreciate how easy the whole process is. The initial set up process is straightforward and easy with minimal hands-on time. Our software quietly works in the background, collecting insights, while you focus on improving the lives of those you serve. 

Benefits of using WhoFi analytics

Dedicated customer advocates

Every WhoFi user has a customer advocate who answers questions, troubleshoots problems or interprets reports and makes suggestions. When you call or email us for support, you’ll reach one of our customer advocates who are knowledgeable and skilled in technology and customer service. Having a dedicated support person helps with ease of implementation and management for any technology or service. No call centers with rotating staff, no inexperienced service members, just a real person who knows the technology in and out and solves problems like a pro. 

Your customer service advocate will schedule followup training calls to discuss and review your data in-depth. We’ll also send you your statistics monthly along with helpful training material. We monitor your activity and notify you asap if there’s an issue so we can troubleshoot it. 

Easy Data Reporting

Each user views all aggregated data in an easy to read dashboard. The dashboards provide easy to understand insights without technical jargon. You can compare date ranges, see trends, see increases or decreases in visitors by various date ranges and so much more.

The reports convert the data collected into insights so you can decide how best to improve your community space. 

One of the reports available is called Average Usage that shows the most popular times patrons use the public libraries’ WiFi. This kind of report helps each location plan staffing, program types and timing, ideal network maintenance and more. Being able to see how many people access WiFi, at what times and for how long allows each space to ensure there are enough staff and bandwidth to accommodate that need. The reports give accurate insight into the use of public libraries’ WiFi. This helps boards make data-driven decisions to invest in better WiFi or extended programming.

We respect user privacy and we’ll keep you in compliance with the CCPA.

Looking at data on a massive scale is what gives spaces the best insight into visitor behaviors and patterns.  WhoFi allows you to see large scale trends while maintaining visitor privacy by using a one-way encryption method. Every time someone uses your public libraries’ WiFi, the reports will show their frequency of use and how long they stayed, but maintain user privacy. Being able to see big-picture trends while maintaining patron privacy has been a game-changer for libraries. 

WhoFi is pioneering the big data privacy movement with our anonymous location analytics technology that allows companies to see trends while maintaining consumer trust and privacy. Our analytics solution provides a detailed analysis of physical spaces and foot traffic. This insight means businesses can make data-driven decisions while maintaining customer anonymity. 

Your partner in building strong communities

Creating strong communities takes a community effort. WhoFi helps public spaces like libraries share the story of their community value. We know the services provided have a strong community impact and enhance the quality of life for all citizens. With our easy to use WiFi analytics software, public spaces can use data to support continual growth and improvements. Are you ready to learn more about how WiFi analytics can help your library or public space? Schedule a demo.