WhoFi Library Edition Makes PLS Reporting Easy

The Public Library Survey report is due in the coming months. Your WhoFi Library Edition makes it simple to report accurate WiFi usage data. The accurate data provides accurate insights into your library’s community impact. The Library Edition provides a consistent collecting and reporting standard across state public libraries to better understand how patrons are using their locations. This data provides insights to guide decisions for things like strategic planning, day to day operations, advocacy communications, and programming enhancements. Accurate reporting makes a difference in the impact your library can have in your community. We know that public libraries have always been a community pillar, and continue to provide services when the community needs it most. With the data and insights from your WhoFi dashboard, your library can show accurate numbers to showcase your role in community support.


“The information available through the reports is great. I’m so glad the state purchased this for us. Now the board can see how the library is benefiting the community. We’re really able to show our worth.” Ashton Public Library, Tim Christianson

Here’s what you need to know about reporting WiFi sessions using the WhoFi Library Edition.

Quick Guide: 

You will find the total WiFi sessions for the year in cell H24 on the December Monthly Trend Summary. This is the number that should be reported on the PLS.

In-depth Guide:

For detailed and visual instructions, click here. 

Happy reporting!