Who Is On My Wifi version 2.0.9

Version 2.0.9 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this morning.

This was mainly just some final bug fixes and cleanup related to blocking.

These fixes weren’t affecting many customers, but when they did affect a customer, it was very frustrating for them.  So, we decided to go ahead and release this fix now instead of waiting for the upcoming features that will be released in a week or two.


No Enhancements

We have some great enhancements coming out in a few weeks, but the only real noticeable change for this release is that in the Diagnostics Tab, under Blocking, it used to be called the “Diagnostic Log”, and now this has been changed to be called the “Blocking Log”.  This caused some confusion with customers.

Bug Fixes:

Hardware Initialization Bug

So, this bug was hard to find.  But what was happening was that if your computer disconnected from the internet at the time that Who’s On My Wifi was trying to start up, or trying to listen for traffic to enable blocking, then on occasion  it would cause the software to lock up and stop running.  This was really annoying because even trying to shutdown the software became difficult.  You pretty much had to restart your computer or go through the TaskMgr to get it to close down properly.

We were originally going to wait to add this fix to the new features coming out in a week or two, but if you experienced it, it was frustrating enough that we didn’t want to wait to release it to our customers.  If anyone stills experiences this bug after this 2.0.9 release, please let us know about it.