Library Automation Software For Small Libraries

Public libraries offer great value for communities of all sizes. There’s no question that the services provided are needed, but libraries may struggle to account for the community impact they have. If you’re looking for clarity on how many patrons use your services, or proving the value of the connection your library brings, you could benefit from library automation software for small libraries. 

How can Library Automation Software Help My Library?

Simply put, library automation software can save you time (a lot of it), give you clarity, provide accurate and in-depth insights to help you better serve your community. WhoFi WiFi analytics is an easy-to-use and easy to install software that automatically keeps track of your library WiFi usage rates. You’ll be able to identify new visitors, return visitors, see big picture trends and day to day usage rates.  Insights such as patron dwell time, session counts, and new vs. return rates are being used in strategic planning, day-to-day decision making, advocacy communications, and programming enhancements.  All of these insights are provided while still respecting and maintaining patron privacy and adhering with all privacy laws.

“I’ve been waiting for a service like this for years! It’s easy to view the monthly report and I can’t believe how many sessions we were missing with previous tracking methods. I’m very happy with this technology.” Lyon County Library, Amy Geddes

What is WhoFi WiFi Analytics for Public Libraries?

WhoFi is a library automation software for small libraries designed to help libraries thrive in the digital age. WhoFi provides a cloud-based WiFi analytics reporting tool that enables libraries and other community spaces to gather and display data about WiFi usage. 

WhoFi Library Edition is designed specifically to address the needs of public libraries. The system was refined with direct feedback from public libraries to determine universal definitions of metrics to create standardized reporting. In addition, the service provides the same insights regardless of the size of location or network setup. This allows for an apples to apples comparison across locations. The easy-to-use insights dashboard gives library directors the information they need to make data influenced evaluations and decisions. Other systems may provide generic data points, but are not designed specifically for the needs of public libraries, which makes them cumbersome to use. The WhoFi Library Edition creates and uses a standardized metric to generate accurate insights, other methods do not.

“The information available through the reports is great. I’m so glad the state purchased this for us. Now the board can see how the library is benefiting the community. We’re really able to show our worth.” Ashton Public Library, Tim Christianson

Small Libraries With Big Impact

Our partners report that they found they were drastically under counting their WiFi usage (by using hand tallying or guessing methods) and were surprised to find out exactly how many and how often patrons used their WiFi service. WhoFi WiFi analytics is a library software that helps small libraries collect insights by automating tasks that take your time and attention away from patrons. This helps relieve the burden and stress of gathering information and reporting by doing it for you! You can access all the information you need with just a few clicks and feel confident knowing they are accurate, standardized and easy to understand. With the WhoFi insights reports, you’ll be able to prove the value your library brings with data to back it up. 

Rural public library locations report being pleasantly surprised by the amount of patron WiFi usage at their locations. Libraries with service populations under 1,000 people have proved the value of library WiFi and used these insights to advocate for additional funding to the board.

“Before WhoFi started counting our wifi use we thought only one or two patrons a year used the wifi in the library. We were stunned to find out in the first month how much our Wi-Fi was being used and still being used today. It’s easy to set-up and use. If you can use email, you can use this. We leave the WiFi on 24/7. We know that it’s being used by nearby homes, school kids sit in the parking lot or park across the street.” Valley Tell Library, Deb Gillick

WhoFi library automation software provides immense value to public libraries and their communities all while keeping patron information completely private. Schedule a demo today and see how your library can benefit from WhoFi today!