Library Wireless Session Counts, Calendar, and Easier Annual Survey Reporting

Are you struggling to enter in the Wireless Session Count number on the state survey?  Are you tired of website calendars that don’t work, and vendors that don’t listen?  Do you wish the annual survey was just easier?

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  • Easy Wireless Session Counts
  • Simple Calendar, Registration, and Reminders
  • Simplifies Onsite, Offsite, Virtual Programming Questions

“I’ve been waiting for a service like this for years! It’s easy to view the monthly report and I can’t believe how many sessions we were missing with previous tracking methods. I’m very happy with this technology.”

Lyon County Library, Amy Geddes

"Data from WhoFi helped our library secure $5000 grant money that we used for improvements to our outdoor space and stronger WiFi. The Community Calendar feature is wonderful for tracking library programs! Before this, I spent a full 40-hour week doing the PLS reports. Now, it only takes a day."

Orange City Public Library, Lisa Johnson 

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