Monthly At A Glance Report Simplifies Board Reporting

WhoFi is happy to announce the release of the monthly At A Glance Report for all partner libraries.

Through conversations with our public library partners, it became clear that there was a need for a simplified board report surrounding their patron WiFi usage. Previously library directors used another WhoFi report, the Trend Summary, to show WiFi usage. The Trend Summary Report is a detailed view of the monthly usage and is great for digging deeper into usage patterns.

While directors enjoy the detail contained in the Trend Summary, they expressed a need to have a one-page report that provides a high-level view of what had taken place. With the help of our library partners, we created our newest board report called At A Glance.  

The At A Glance Report takes the numbers on the Trend Summary and turns them into a story visually and verbally. Libraries use this new report to hand out during board meetings.  Boards are then able to quickly understand the impact that WiFi is having on their community both in the most recent month and over time.

Here’s an example of an At A Glance Report. 


At A Glance contains a brief description of what took place in the most recent month in addition to providing comparisons to the prior month and the same month in the prior year.  These insights and quick comparisons help frame progress and help boards and decision-makers easily assess trends. Should the boards have questions based on the At A Glance report the director is able to reference the Trend Summary to help provide more detailed information.  

The At A Glance Report is now available in the Monthly Reports section for all single location, multi-branch, and multi-location systems. You can quickly print this out and give it to your board members during your next meeting.

We look forward to your feedback and the feedback from your boards on this latest offering. If you have questions about this new report or any of the reports available in the user dashboard, please contact our customer service team.