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3 Reasons Why Bluetooth Beacons Don't Deliver.. Yet

A “Paradigm Shift”. That’s what the marketing for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  Beacons has suggested. We’ve also heard other buzzwords like “hyper-local contextualized content”, which is corporate jargon for “it serves you ads”. Apple introduced its iBeacon technology and Google followed suit with Eddystone, but they both agreed that these quarter-sized devices would revolutionize how consumers interact with retail locations, and beyond. So where is the revolution? Certainly, BLE Beacons have… Coverage

Who's On My WiFi's Free Windows Agent was recently covered by Techbook in Germany. Here's a link to the article: Just so you know before you click the link, the article is written completely in German. However, if you use Google Translate with the link, you'll notice that it works fairly well on their write up of us. Thanks Techbook!

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5 Top Smart Cities Have This in Common

The internet has an uncanny history of tiny companies disrupting behemoths of industry. It turns out, it’s not just startups flipping corporate superpowers on their head. Small, rural cities in the United States are proving they can not only compete with major cities like Vienna and Paris, they can beat them. It’s easy to see why cities want to be “Smart Cities”. The promise of efficient utilities, quick transit, and disaster recovery options are compelling economic advantages. Smart cities…

6 questions to ask yourself before buying WiFi Analytics

If you've been considering monitoring the wireless network of your event space, city hall, or coffee shop, you probably have quite a few questions about whether or not you really need a WiFi Analytics solution in the first place. We created an article in our new resources section to help you make the decision about whether or not a WiFi Analytics solution is really what you need, or if something else might be a better fit. You can read the article here: Do I really need a WiFi Analytics…

Innovate Oklahoma: A tech startup’s opinion

A new program was launched by the State of Oklahoma today. The program is called Innovate Oklahoma. The idea is that Oklahoma has built an open marketplace, where both government agencies and citizens can list state governmental issues which could use a better technological solution.  Not only are the problems listed, some of these problems will be open for bidding by companies and other technologists to provide solutions. To my knowledge, this is the first program of it’s kind in the United…

Meraki Agent

Who’s On My WiFi is happy to announce that our Meraki detection agent is now generally available. What is Meraki? Meraki is a cloud-managed network hardware company owned by Cisco.  Cloud-managed means that once you set up the access point or switch hardware on your network, all of the configurations are managed through their cloud dashboard. What is the Who’s On My WiFi Meraki Agent? Client’s utilizing Meraki Access Points now have an option to directly connect their APs to our analytics…

WiFi Analytics Interview

Co-Founder John Kerber was interviewed today by Network Diagnostic website LMTV regarding the new field of Location Analytics, and how to make physical locations smarter with the newly released WiFi Analytics platform from Who's On My WiFi.

Who Is On My Wifi version 2.0.7

Version 2.0.7 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this evening. This latest release contains the following changes: Enhancements: Blocking This one has been a long time in the making.  We have released a blocking feature in the software.  So, now, when you see an intruder on your network that has been detected by Who's On My Wifi, you have the ability to block them.  What this will basically do is cut them off from the internet so they would just choose to connect to someone else's wireless.…

Interviewed by the Oklahoman

Talking with The Oklahoman Who's On My WiFi met with a reporter and photographer from The Oklahoman the morning of the first. We discussed the new router and talked about our upcoming Indiegogo launch on May 15th.  Exciting times for the company!

Router Plugin 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2 of the Who Is On My Wifi Router Plugin was released this afternoon. This release contained bug fixes and optimizations and also made the plugin compatible with Tomato Routers.  We will be providing more information about the Tomato Router Plugin as it becomes available. BUG FIXES / OPTIMIZATIONS: Installing the updated version of the plugin losing settings For those of you who installed the 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 version of the Who's On My Wifi Plugin, you might have noticed that when you…